Is Your Little One Ready To Dance?

As long as they are walking they can join our wide variety of classes

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Available Dance Classes

Premier Dance of Ocala offers quality dance classes and education by a group of talented and dedicated teachers. We have a variety of dance classes for students aging from 1-19 where all are welcome. We pride ourselves in offering Grade A classes without over crowding.

Future Stars

Mommy & me class introduction of creative movements and studio etiquette for 1-2 year olds.


A Ballet/Tap introduction to dance for 3-6 year olds, designed to create awareness of controlled movement to music, improve motor skills and coordination, introduce classroom etiquette, and encourage creativity.

Combo Classes

A one-hour class for students interested in taking a combination of two of the following styles of dance: ballet, tap, jazz and lyrical.


A WILDCARD Class. The class will change up every week with style, choreography and technique.


Modern style of dance utilizing groundwork and principles of centering, balance, emotion, and alignment

Classical Ballet/Pointe

The foundation of dance in the purest form teaches poise, grace, and self confidence


Expression of sounds composed of different rhythms


A stylized form of dance stimulated by different interpretive characteristics with upbeat rhythm and music

Jazz Funk

Incorporates jazz and funk characterized by a strong beat, electrified sounds, and synthesizers widely used in music dance videos.

Hip Hop

A Jazz style with funky movements

Musical Theatre

Combines song, spoken dialogue, acting, and dancing.


A graceful and expressive form of dance combining Jazz and Ballet movements that tell a story

Silks and Hoops

An acrobatic aerial class that has the students soaring above using silks and hoops.

Acrobatics (Acro)

Controlled movement using flexibility and strength to contort and tumble

Flex & Core

Combination of cardio and strengthening for dancers with stretching to facilitate becoming a more athletic dancer.

Dance Levels

Premier Dance of Ocala divides up each dance class two diffent ways. First, We seperate them by their age range and then we adjust dancers schedules based on ability. Dancers class schedule may be subject to change if we feel there is a better class fit for your dancer to thrive in. Staff members will decide what classes the dancers should be placed in NOT parents.

Division by Age                                           Division by Ability

Future Stars- Ages 1-3                                 Level 1- Beginner

Tiny Tots- Ages 3-5                                     Level 2- Intermediate

Mini- Ages 5-7                                             Level 3- Advanced

Junior- Ages 7-9

Teen- Ages 9-13

Senior- Ages 14 and UP


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Dance Wear Requirements 

Each teacher will instruct their dance classes as to specific dance wear requirements.

ALL students must have hair pulled back, NO gum, NO jewelry (stud earrings allowed), NO t-shirts.

Ballet – black leotard, pink tights, hair in secure bun, pink ballet or pointe shoes with ribbons sewn on

Jazz/Lyrical – solid color leotard, tan or pink tights, hair in secure ponytail or bun, tan jazz shoes, skin tight jazz shorts (optional)

Tiny Tots – solid color leotard, tan or pink tights, hair in secure ponytail or bun, pink ballet shoes, tan tap shoes

Acrobatics – solid color leotard, footless tights, hair in secure ponytail, skin tight shorts

Hip Hop – active clothing, hair in secure ponytail, sneakers

Silks– form fitted shirt or leotard, leggings, hair in secure ponytail or bun

Students have until October 1st to purchase needed items at