Companies of all sizes or individuals who would like to sponsor our dance academy make a significant contribution to strengthening and building our community through the children and youth. Your contribution gives us the ability to provide a wide variety of dance classes for our dancers to explore as they build self-esteem, community awareness, discipline, work ethic, commitment, and teamwork. Sponsors not only help PDO to meet our budget, but also provide your company with unique marketing and advertising opportunities. 

As we strive to further build community participation and public awareness, we invite you to  be a part of our community by sponsoring our dancers as they continue to go the extra mile on at the Premier Dance of Ocala studio and our Premier Competition team. Each family makes a large sacrifice both financially and physically as they make every event a priority, not to mention the rehearsals, the travel schedule and the extra classes that these dancers are required to take to improve their skills. Not only will this broaden the perspective of community within our dancers, but it will also enable our dancers and their families to continue towards the goal in raising successful, confident, and talented children that can and will make a difference in our community.

Affiliated Sponsors

We thank our sponors for their efforts in supporting, strengthing, and building our community through our dancers and our studio. Your contribution helps support children and youth by encouraging community participation and public awareness. We are proud to partner with the following companies and individuals, local to Ocala, Florida.

thyPathos Transport, INC                                             Tri County Services

Broaderick Heating and Air Conditioning 

Envious Salon and Spa                                           Northgate Diner

SEED Preschool

Caruthers Drywall

Independent Network Services

Krista Picard and Chris York

The Ritch Family

Bob and Kathy Picard

Is your Business featured?

If you would like more information regarding this opportunity or have any questions about sponsoring our studio and dancers, please feel free to contact us at any time. Contact us today to feature your business logo on our website and events.